Two weeks on.

Here I am sitting in the Alfred Centre awaiting consultation with the Orthopaedic unit. For those who dont know, two weeks ago I was hit by a truck while out training.

While I will work on a post about the incident and how things went down, for the time being I find myself reflecting more on just how lucky I have been. 

I was hit at around 7.45 am, in the Alfred Hospital trauma centre by 9, up in the west ward by 12… and walking out of the hospital at around 4pm the following day.

I have sustained fractures to my c6,c7, t1, t2  left TP, as well as column fractures to the t6 and t7 vertebrae, a collapsed left lung, and a fractured sternum. This is not the full extent of my injuries, but instead a “highlights” list of things considered a priority. And it is this list that I have found myself reflecting upon over the last day or two. 

Australian BMX star Sam Willoughby, the same guy we all cheered on at the Rio Olympics, had a horrific crash while practising that has resulted in serious spinal damage. He too fractured his c6 and c7 vertebrae, however at this moment remains without feeling below his chest. I guess it’s this that really hits home. 

You can read more about Sam’s incident here:

Sleeping is difficult, some movement is painful or limited, and I’m taking a cocktail of  12+ tablets a day, but I walked out of the hospital less than 36 hours after my incident. I got, and feel, lucky- very lucky. 

I’ll know more in the next few hours about how long the road back will be, but I am already excited about getting back on the bike and stuck in to the summer of cycling that awaits. 

Ride safe, hopefully I’ll be back out there with you shortly. 

I’m down but not out!

6 thoughts on “Two weeks on.

  1. Wow… Gosh Robbie. I read about Sam too. I knew your crash was bad but to hear (some of) the details of it… I’m glad you’re relatively ok! With the best help, you’ll be back before long!


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