Bright Horizons

You know that moment when you think… “have I just bitten off more than I can chew?” Well that happened for me just the other day when I entered the 2018 Tour of Bright. Yes, I have entered it before (twice infact), but due to various circumstances, I’ve never been able to actually compete… until […]

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Handicap Racing – A Tale of Love and Hate

Following the 3 Day tour I had decided to pick some more races to focus on, with the aim of keeping up the motivation throughout the rest of winter, while also putting more focus on my training (rather than just riding to chalk up the kilometres). The next race on the Northern Combine fixture was the […]

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2016 Northern Combine 3 Day Tour

So, one year between blog posts that’s good right? No… * Mental note blog more * That aside, here is a brief race report of my weekend at the 2016 Northern Combine 3 Day Tour. In the Lead Up This year was the fifth consecutive time I had pinned a number on at the 3 […]

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2015 Northern Combine 3 Day Tour

The Northern Combine 3 Day Tour is one of my bigger goals of the season. It’s always fun to get away for 3 days of bike racing in the freezing winter weather. Ok, so maybe not the freezing weather but.. BIKES! Read on for my race report. B Grade Men Stage 1 – Kyneton Pastoria […]

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