Bright Horizons

You know that moment when you think… “have I just bitten off more than I can chew?” Well that happened for me just the other day when I entered the 2018 Tour of Bright. Yes, I have entered it before (twice infact), but due to various circumstances, I’ve never been able to actually compete… until […]

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The Road to Recovery

Ergh! First off… the goal of a blog post every two weeks has unfortunately not been hit! If it makes a difference, I’ve at least THOUGHT about a post every two weeks or so. But after sitting in taxi’s numerous times to and from work, it’s probably time to give an update on how my […]

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Hi! Thanks for reading, welcome along to the ride! Im a cycling enthusiast! I enjoying racing on the road, on the boards, on the dirt, and everything in between! My plan here is to write about races, rides, and any other cycling musings that pop in to my head! Thanks for reading! #robbieridesbikes

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